Jack Pierce

Web Designer, Photographer & IT Problem Solver from Buckinghamshire in the UK
This site is a work in progress, so please excuse the dust!

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My Website Through Time

Things are still a work in progress here, so some things might look a bit odd for a while. Until I’m done getting everything just how I like it, I thought I’d give you a preview of how things USED to look, and a sneak peak of some designs that never got finished!

Website 1.0 – 2007ish

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It’s worth noting the picture isn’t exactly my website, but the demo page for the theme I used, mine looked exactly like this but was filled with complete nonsense.

The Good: 

  • I worked with WordPress for the first time!
  • It was hosted on my own in-house server.

The Bad: 

  • It looked terrible.
  • The content was terrible.
  • It went down at night because my parents would turn the server off to save electricity.

Version 2.0

The second incarnation of my website didn’t really count – I didn’t make it a friend of mine at school did, and I can’t even find a photo of it. The good news is, it grew into the basis for what would become my website layout for a very very long time.

Version 2.5 (2009)

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 22.51.08

This was the evolution of the overcrowded version 2, that I couldn’t find a picture of – much better!

The Good

  • Totally decluttered
  • Filled with my photographs, awesome!
  • Written by hand, by me!

The Bad

  • No CMS
  • Portfolio never got finished/was always out of date
  • Contact page was a bit too much.

Version 3 (2011)

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 22.59.18

This one was the longest standing, I built it after I finished college to act as my portfolio when I went to job interviews with photographers. If you’re a photographer by trade you’ll probably understand that there are not that many jobs out there, so I didn’t end up going to very many, but I really liked this revision.

The Good

  • Kept the Minimalism
  • Cut the non-working parts of the last incarnation.
  • Newer, more awesome photos.
  • Work in my portfolio automatically loaded in from Flickr, so always in date!

The Bad

  • No CMS
  • Contact Page never got finished
  • After 3 years began to become a bit dated.

The New Website (2014)

You’re looking at it! It’s not quite finished but I’m beginning to feel very homely here! The focus for the new website was versatility, in many ways. Lots of things had changed since the last website design had been conceived.

First of all, I wasn’t just a photographer anymore! I’m a web designer by day, and a photographer when I get the chance, so I needed a way I could show off both, under the same roof!

Secondly, the way people browse the internet had changed, everyone’s on a mobile device now and whilst my old website worked on mobiles, it wasn’t really optimised!

Not to mention thirdly my skill set has greatly advanced, so I needed a hip new site to reflect that (voila!)

The Good

  • It’s New.
  • It’s Pretty.
  • It’s different.
  • And mobile optmized!

The Bad

  • I haven’t quite finished yet, so please excuse the bugs and odd things that are out of place!

Bonus Content – The Site that never was!

In between this website and the last one I had a crazy idea that I wanted to do something really different, that could show off all my work at once. What I came up with was a super cool side-scrolling gallery, with custom scroll bars, that took forever to load and had links everywhere, the idea got shelved before I ever finished or had chance to refine it.

I promise one day I will come back to this though!

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